Dudley Taft Album reviews

Summer Rain (2017)
…“Summer Rain” is a wonderful guitar rock album that immediately drills itself into your aural track, where it’s set to remain. This CD really has no weak points, is great fun and invites you to listen to it.
Well done, Dudley!”

Live In Europe (2016)

“Blues Rock from the premier league – Dudley demonstrates … what a blues rock show that’s worth its salt should look or rather sound like, in terms of sound and material played. “Live in Europe” is a must for every fan of the genre”

Skin and Bones (2015)

“He grooves and boogies through riffs and melodies all while keeping his shades on.
… The heavy driving guitars and being honest with the subject matter makes this a
standout. You can almost feel the plane soar and dive and shoot.”

Screaming In The Wind (2014)

„Screaming in the Wind“ is a diverse construct with a tight band, skillful performances and hot guitar licks that will keep you coming back”

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Deep Deep Blue (2013)

“A powerful piece of blues rock … Dudley Taft puts his heart and soul into his music and loves every minute of it, and his listeners feel this with every note that he plays and every tone that he sings”

Left For Dead (2011)

“… a non-stop feast for the ears in the timeless tradition of old ZZ Top and Stevie Ray
Vaughan, which is sure to be recognized as one of 2011’s best albums in this style”

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